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Thermos with Cassie Donish

The Blood-Jet Writing Hour with Rachelle Cruz  (audio)

The Next Big Thing

Poet as Radio  (audio)

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Readings online


WordTemple poetry series on KRCB

Writers on Writing at Brown University




Gretchen Stengel, OmniVerse

Wes Solether, Bitterzoet Magazine

Alex Rieser, Heavy Feather Review

rob mclennan


Brenton Woodward, The Volta Blog

Wendy Lotterman, BOMBLog

Barbara Duffey, Quarterly West

Sarah Richards Graba, Bombay Gin

Alex Rieser, great weather for MEDIA

rob mclennan

Janice Worthen, SPD staff picks

G.M. Palmer, Strong Verse

bird book

Chris Carosi, SPD staff picks

Mark Burnhope, Stride Magazine

Live the Food

rimertown/an atlas

Thomas Hummel, The Believer (excerpt)

Sharon Osmond, Colorado Review (excerpt)

Karla Kelsey, Rain Taxi

Lary Kleeman, Xantippe (PDF)

swarm lure

 Laynie Browne, Poetry Project Newsletter

Other reviews

Gail Aronson, OmniVerse: Bay Area Lit Scene reading review


Poems online

Thermos, story

Thermos, genesis

Academy of American Poets, genesis

Talking Writing, from KJV (genesis)

New American Writing, genesis

Albion Books, bird book (chapbook and broadside)

Ambush Review, 2010

Fact-Simile, from Follow–Haswed

Volt, as rain (PDF)

Thermos, from bird book

Switchback, from field guide

Big Ugly Review, from circumference

ars poetica, as bruised fruit



Thermos, A public letter